The car ferry Kalmarsund VIII
The car ferry Kalmarsund VIII
obrazek zajawki
Bilfärjan Kalmarsund VIII
Södra hamnplanen Färjestaden
Färjestaden SWEDEN
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Up until the middle of the 19th century, travellers from the mainland going to Öland, or vice versa, had to travel with some of the sailing- and rowing-ferries that handled the transport. From the 1860's passenger steamers were introduced and they quickly drove the older boats out of business. From the 1920's only a few boats could be shipped, but from the 1930's car ferries started to take over and the characteristic ships from Kalmarsundsbolaget (shipping line) handled the traffic between Kalmar and Färjestaden until 1972 when the new Öland Bridge was opened. The last ferry trip was made by the ferry Kalmarsund VIII. She was then sold to Yugoslavia where she operated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea for nearly 30 years. However, she was returned to the Kalmar Strait after having gone through extensive repairs paid for by the new owner. Since 2002 she is moored in Färjestaden harbour and the goal is to create an operation around the ferry that, among other things, illustrates the ferry era in the Kalmar Strait.

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